Erica Piamonte among the “stars” of 2021: more and more beautiful [PHOTO]


Erica Piamonte basks among the stars of this 2021: she hopes for a better year and lets herself be photographed in all her beauty. Bring on the change of look.

We all hope for a better year. It must be said, however, that not everyone, at the end of the year, was disgusted with last 2020. For many, it was a very intense and reflective year. Maybe to understand what to do with your future. A way to sit down, think, and really project yourself into a different future. A way to go from rags to riches.

The same kind of thought had by the beautiful Erica Piamonte. The former competitor of Big Brother, a successful influencer to date, allowed herself a brief but intense reflection on the official Instagram profile.

In a photo where you can see her in all her beauty, both her new look appears, which she carries on with great pride, and the stars she carries around a casual and very sensual outfit. In the caption, it could only follow a single reflection.

Erica Piamonte looks out over the stars: a better year is what it takes

We all know the game by now. Three photos. To be chosen by followers. To entice them to comment and increase her booty on Instagram. The technique now established that does not make a turn. Not to make it, the fold, is the same, Erica. Which appears with its “black” look. For her hair, she chose this color. Both for the end of last year and for the beginning.

She wears a long dress covered with stars, the same ones she wants to see during 2021. A year, therefore, which for Piamonte must be absolutely more positive and proactive than the past one.

Here’s what it looked like at the end of the year. Lots of elegance and sensuality. But also a lot of ironies. In fact, in the caption, she wished everyone a happy new year, writing, however: ” I brought the panettone”. And any reference to some “personal possessions” is purely causal.