Elena Morali begins the year like this: the spicy detail is heart attack [PHOTO]


Elena Morali seems to want to start the year with a sober and elegant style: but the photo makes a detail that is nothing short of a heart attack. Followers notice this right away.

Photos from the beginning of the year. Even if we are already on January 4th and 2021 has already made its entrance for a while. Time seems to run fast again. Better to stop it with some photos that apparently seem to startle the eyes with a lot of elegance and sensuality, but if you go to the bottom and see the detail, you can come to moments of panic and heart attack. In the positive sense of the term.

Elena Morali is a direct witness. Wait a few days before entering the scene. The same scene she had left with a shot that was nothing short of hot, but which, at the same time, had “disappointed” some of her followers.

But let’s focus, first, on today’s shot. Four days before making her entrance. She seems to choose the sober and elegant style, just a few tears here and there, but then the heart attack detail arrived.

Elena Morali shows it in front of everyone: the detail can be seen in full


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The detail, focusing on the photo for a little more than an instant, can be seen very well. The Morali holds the blanket, at the same instant the exhibition at that point. And we don’t even need to say what we’re talking about. In the caption, she just writes: “Happy new year, my boys”.

And followers postpone happy new year wishes. As often happens, however, the most prominent comments are those of women compared to men on the official Instagram profile of Morali. Takes all!

Here she is, instead, in the provocative shot with her partner, named Luigi, who made all her followers jealous. Someone, not knowing what to ask, asks if she made polenta as a good Bergamo woman. She responds with a no… dry!


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