Carolina Casiraghi, beginning of the year in red: but there is nothing underneath [PHOTO]


Carolina Casiraghi starts the year as she left the previous one: in red and very spicy, under the dress, however, there is absolutely nothing. Followers are back in charge.

Carolina Casiraghi’s show is back on  Instagram. The Italian influencer and entrepreneur had left 2020 with a series of shots (and even a video) that were provocative, to say the least. For the past year, she had looked very little covered. And the favorite clothing she chose for the shots was underwear.

You can see that she was a little fed up with underwear. So she returned to appear in a  red dress. Both the top piece and the bottom piece. Clothing that might have seemed sober on the surface.

Here, in fact. Apparently, but it was enough to leave the red, for a moment, to realize that Carolina has never abandoned the sensual and erotic side in her wanting to show herself in the Instagram shots. In fact, as evidenced by the following post, under the elegant clothing of the beginning of the year,  there was absolutely nothing.

Red for the new year: but under the Casiraghi dress you can see everything

Who knows if, with relatives or companions, she will have sat at the table in this way. It could have caused someone to have a heart attack. Carolina ushers in the new year with all-red clothing. Both jacket and trousers. The “problem” (if you want to call it that) is under the dress. Where there is absolutely nothing and where her possessions are visible … enough!

She, however, maintains the sensual and erotic line she had left with the old year. Abandoned with a  video where you could see some photos she grouped, all taken during the course of 2020. The followers shower her with compliments, even in different languages.

Here it is, the video of Casiraghi.  three and a half minute clip, where he chooses the best photos to show before saying goodbye to the old year and entering the new:  2021. And we all know, from today, what kind of entry, red and “naked”, has just made!