Bianca Guaccero, the tank top goes higher and higher: “I wait for you” [PHOTO]


Bianca Guaccero through the Instagram channels gives an appointment to all her fans for this afternoon. The actress will be present on Rai Due and hopes for the “turning point”.

Bianca Guaccero is preparing to return to television and will do so this afternoon on Rai Due. It is directly the actress who gives the appointment to all her fans on Instagram through a post in which she sets the time of the live: at 3.15 pm she will be the protagonist on the second channel for the first appearance of the new year. A year which, she declares herself, will be the turning point. Detto Fatto returns today in the early afternoon: she is always in charge, ready for this new adventure for 2021. In short, all her fans will be able to return to admire her shortly after 3 pm on Rai 2.

A direct response to all those who, in recent weeks, had talked about a possible closure of the program starring Guaccero. On Instagram, the actress and presenter show herself more charged than ever: aggressive look and determined expression, ready to live this new television adventure. “ Let’s start the turning point,” she writes, looking to the future with hope.

Many comments of encouragement from fans who, under the Instagram post, give the staff “good luck” to the presenter. “ All White, it will be hard but you will make it… always with you… see you later”,  someone writes.

Bianca Guaccero, “combative” expression [PHOTO]

The end of last year had been marked by controversy over the women’s shopping tutorial. Detto Fatto had been temporarily suspended following the rain of sexist criticisms, with Bianca Guaccero who was inevitably hit in the full by this unpleasant situation. Despite all the program will return today and will do so with the usual style and the usual contents. Among which, in fact, the tutorials.

There is curiosity, in short, to see the new “guides” and “advice” of the experts on how to best face the new year. In the hope that there is no room for new controversy.