Alice Basso, set of provocative PHOTOS, then the request: “Seeking advice”


The Italian influencer and model Alice Basso shows up on Instagram with a set of photos that are nothing short of provocative: then comes the request to keep her “awake”.

They do not stop enriching the Instagram social day after day. Indeed, with the new year, they will certainly increase. We obviously talk about the photos of some influencers, models, and showgirls of the moment. Women who are immortalized in some shots where you can see all their beauty and sensuality.

One of these is definitely Alice Basso. 33-year-old influencer, who this year will try to break through the “wall” of one million followers. Her official Instagram profile goes up relentlessly. A short time ago it had just reached 700 thousand followers, now it has 724 thousand. Hitting the million mark won’t be easy, but with a touch of eroticism and sensuality, maybe she’ll make it.

The same touch she gave to the last set of provocative photos that appeared on her official profile. Always ready to show off, with or without her children among the “feet”. This time, in addition to the photos, an unusual request has also arrived.

Alice Basso’s set of photos: but the request is about films or TV series

If we are not real “pappamolle” in mathematics, the photos that can be counted on the last post posted by Alice Basso are 9. Not one more, not one less. In some it appears truly provocative, others seem to have seen the “miracle”. Never mind, followers always appreciate her appearances, as if they were true miracles.

In the caption, however, she lets herself go to the request. Basso wants someone to recommend an interesting movie or TV series. And do you know why? When she chooses something to see, she always falls asleep halfway through the work. Go on with the advice.

Here she is, instead, showing herself together with her children. More exactly it shows how she spends her days. You see her beautiful smiling and more carefree than ever. But even with her back a little bruised, but still happy.