Alessia Reato, nostalgic PHOTO: the smile enchants everyone [PHOTO]


Alessia Reato lets herself be overwhelmed by a moment of nostalgia and publishes a photo of herself on Instagram, with her beautiful smile she enchanted everyone 

Alessia Reato has once again attracted the attention of the many and loyal fans who follow her on Instagram. Last night, the former tissue of  Striscia la Notizia posted a black and white photo of her sitting on a small boat, canoe style.

The crime as always is wonderful, in the shot, she sports a beautiful smile with which she managed to enchant her many followers. The photo will surely have been taken a few months ago, during the summer season, during a moment of nostalgia Alessia published it last night on Instagram and sent the web into a tailspin.

It is not the first time that  Alessia Reato enchants everyone with her incredible beauty and sensuality. Often on her Instagram profile, she posts photos that highlight not only her beauty but also her fairytale body. The former tissue is breathtaking.

Alessia Reato bewitches everyone with her smile, fans like the photo


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Alessia Reato on social media is increasingly loved and followed, today on her Instagram profile she has 219 thousand followers, they always fill her with many compliments.

After the experience in Striscia the news as tissue, the beautiful showgirl has continued to make space in the entertainment world. She participated in the Island of the Famous,  where she was really appreciated by the public, on television we also saw her in the role of presenter.

Alessia Reato continues to be well known and loved, her incredible beauty and sensuality certainly never make her go unnoticed. Her posts are always full of likes, even the last photo posted last night on Instagram is really enjoying it. In the caption she didn’t write anything, a user wrote to her that the photo doesn’t need any text because it speaks for itself. The wonderful smile of the former tissue has enchanted everyone.