Sonia Lorenzini in hot version launches digs: “Brazilian insults” [PHOTO]


The former contestant of Big Brother Vip, Sonia Lorenzini, has antagonized the Brazilian fans of the couple Dayane Mello and Rosalinda Cannavò.

The Mantuan, the former suitor and then Trista of Men and Women, is not new to the world of gossip and entertainment. Her participation in Big Brother Vip is during as long as a cat on the ring road, in fact at the first opportunity the public decided to send her back directly home. Although her stay in the most spied-on house in Italy was short, Sonia Lorenzini certainly knew how to move the cards on the table and break the balance even those that seemed the most consolidated.

In fact, it was the trigger for the separation between Mello and Rosalinda Cannavò. The two who seemed inseparable friends, perhaps something more, argued and their relationship cooled when the Sicilian nominated Lorenzini and sent her in nomination. Dayane, not understanding her friend’s gesture, threw herself against her by deciding to support the new entry. The former competitor did not understand Cannavò’s motivations at all. From home, she still doesn’t understand her and her phrases have made her a victim of the Brazilian fans who support the couple Rosmello, that is Dayane and Rosalinda.

Sonia Lorenzini does not send them to say antagonizing the Brazilians


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The former contestant of Big Brother Vip is certainly not a character who has mince words. In fact, both inside the house and outside, she always said what she thought to the detriment of her personal gain. This time, however, her views have hurt a particular group of fans, the Brazilians. After underlining her antipathy towards Rosalinda CannavoLorenzini attracted the attention of this fandom or those who support the friendship of the Sicilian and Mello.

In response, Mantua has decided to publish an ironic post in which she claims to have woken up with the desire for ” Brazilian bread and insults”. In the shot, she wears a completely open shirt that covers her breasts thanks to only two tied straps. Beautiful and sensual, she wanted to respond in this way to all those who have targeted her.

Sonia greets 2020 with an outfit that certainly does not go unnoticed.


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