Sabrina Salerno lying on the bed is a dream: crazy fans [PHOTOS]


New photo on Instagram for Sabrina Salerno, who in one shot shows herself lying on the bed: she is more beautiful than ever, a shower of likes.

Sabrina Salerno is one of the most famous and loved singers of the generation that grew up in the 90s. In fact, her songs, thanks to the dance sounds typical of those years, have filled and continue to fill the discos and dance halls throughout Italy. Her fame has also crossed national borders, making her famous also in the United Kingdom thanks to her  Boys.

Over the years, the singer has continued to gather acclaim, expanding her audience even among the very young. Her Instagram profile has over 719 thousand followers, with whom Salerno shares her daily life. The latest shot posted on her profile is a really great way to end the first Sunday of 2021.

In fact, the woman shared a photo of her lying on the bed, wearing a black lace shirt decorated with rhinestones on the shoulders. The viewer’s attention is inevitably captured by her décolleté embellished with a necklace, which peeps out from the neckline of the shirt.

Sabrina Salerno, the confession at the end of the year: “Without her, I would not have made it”

Very often Sabrina Salerno has used her Instagram profile to tell her life to her fans, who today are over 700 thousand. So for New Year’s Eve, the Genoese singer took advantage of her daily walk in the greenery to let off steam a bit, outlining her 2020 balance. The year just passed for the woman was terrible, to be canceled, as if we had lived a real war.

Despite everything, however, Salerno has never lost its optimism, which in life has always allowed it to react to difficulties. Finally, at the end of her speech comes the dedication to her husband, who supported and helped her even in moments of greatest difficulty. The singer confessed in her stories that without her getting through the most difficult year in the lives of many of us would have been much more tiring. A beautiful dedication to the beloved man and a wonderful way to start 2021.