Melita Toniolo is an angel under the snow: the jacket goes down [PHOTO]


Melita Toniolo, wonderful in the snow, ignited the afternoon of her fans. The seductive shot and the reflective caption: “A really heavy 2020”

Particularly active on social media in the last period – as well as the vast majority of colleagues on social media. Melita Toniolo left everyone breathless with her latest post, in which she shows herself in the snow with a tight jersey that struggles to hold back her abundant curves. Postless pushed than the penultimate on her profile but no less bewitching.

In fact, yesterday, the former sex symbol of Italian TV, had been immortalized in bed, in underwear, with side b in the foreground. Today, January 3, the woman showed herself instead in the snow, among the trees. Look towards the void, red Christmas shirt, and white jacket. Then the thought in the caption on the year just ended: “A really heavy 2020”

Melita Toniolo vents on social media: “We can’t take it anymore”

Between the reflexive and the outburst, the last post of Toniolo. The former Big Brother contestant, along with a wonderful photo, wanted to share with her fans thought about the year just ended. A particularly difficult year for everyone, which will probably go down in history as the blackest year of all time. As for all of us, even for our VIP friends, it was not easy to survive such a disaster and Melita wanted to express her thoughts.

A difficult period both as a person and as a mother, she wrote in the caption. She obviously hopes that everything will end soon and that better days await us, then the outburst: “When will they all reopen? – she continues – we can’t take it anymore “.