Laura Cremaschi in bikini enchants: a goddess body [PHOTO]


Laura Cremaschi, fiercer than ever, illuminated the morning of her fans with a sensual post of hers. Awesome bikini and perfect body: “Win in silence”

Summer returns with Laura Cremaschi. After the winter shots, the model from Bergamo decided to amaze her fans with a series of costume photos that ignited social media. Perfect body for the showgirl born in 1987 and a screaming bikini, for a truly captivating post. In the last shared post, in the late morning of today 2 January, the ex Bonas di Avanti un Altro once again showed herself in a black two-piece swimsuit, while she plunges thoughtfully into the water.

Look towards the void and classic reflective phrase in the caption. As often happens, in fact, the photos of the model are accompanied by real pearls of wisdom. “Win in silence – she wrote this time – Let them think you are losing”.

Laura Cremaschi, bikini photos destroy the web

Ben five photos in a matter of two days, all in costume, one more beautiful. In the daytime New Year, the bikini of course red, in the days to follow a black two-piece costume. At each photo, her catchphrase jokes ironically showing side B: “A little luck is needed – she writes with her back to her – happy 2021”.

Among all the wishes of the VIPs, those of Cremaschi were certainly the most appreciated. Great success for the 34-year-old model from Bergamo, who boasts 900,000 followers and almost 2,500 posts published on social networks. Meanwhile, the last photo, in a black costume, in which she plunges into the water like a goddess, has already reached 11 thousand like a hundred comments in a few hours.