Justine Mattera parades through the city: “Here’s my solution” [PHOTO]


Justine Mattera always in great shape, paraded through the streets of the center of Milan, lighting up the gloomy morning of her fans. “My solution to dullness”

Justine Mattera continues to amaze everyone on social media, with her beauty and with ever new and seductive posts. Very active in the last period on Instagram, the well-known showgirl showed up in the last post shared around the streets of the center of Milan, before a fashionable raid. Yellow and black dress, exuberant that reflects her personality, shots of a true diva on the streets of the Lombard capital.

In short, an explosion of sensuality for Mattera, who in the morning of today wanted to ignite the social networks by giving her fans 4 shots – all in the same post – one spicier than the other. The first from behind, the second and third in which she shows a dizzying neckline, and the fourth leaning against the wall in a spicy pose.

Justine Mattera conquers Milan: simply beautiful

For her, time really never seems to pass. The naturalized Italian American showgirl, at 49 years of age, is the envy of even her younger model colleagues. Often in sportswear, a great lover of cycling, this morning – January 2 – Justine showed herself in the role of the diva. Cloths that she has never abandoned, since her golden years, in which she dominated the world of entertainment between the 80s and 90s.

It has certainly not lost its verve over time, the Mattera, which continues to amaze everyone on social media, with always hot and spicy content. Fans, as always, poured into the woman’s profile, flooding the newly published post with likes and comments. Ben 5 thousand hearts in a few minutes and a hundred comments, among many compliments and emoticons of all kinds.