Filippo Nardi, the clash with Maria Teresa Ruta continues: “A great liar”


Filippo Nardi returned, in a recent interview, to the quarrel with Maria Teresa Ruta. “She’s a liar”, revealed to Giada De Micheli’s microphones

Filippo Nardi, the historical competitor of Big Brother, told himself to “Non-Succedera Più”. In the company of Giada De Micheli’s presenter, the man returned to underline her position towards the former tenant Maria Teresa Ruta. The former gieffino, disqualified for having lashed out at the woman, said he would do it all again, underlining the competitor’s falsity.

“She is a liar – he continues – I would do it all again”. Therefore, the former roommate of Alfonso Signorini’s house does not regret his actions, who is certainly not new to storm in front of the cameras. According to Nardi, Ruta would be a great player, but also noisy and unbearable: “Definitely a better player than me”, he ironized

Nardi against la Ruta: “I would do it all again”

As already anticipated, Filippo Nardi is certainly not new to outbursts in front of the Big Brother camerasIn the 2003 edition, the man of British origins had gone down in history for that almost iconic outburst over cigarettes. In the video, which has practically become a commercial for the GF (in spite of himself), a young Filippo Nardi goes crazy at the idea of ​​having to run out of cigarettes.

Recalled by Signorini for the 2020 Vip edition, however, the man could not resist a new controversy, quarrel, outburst, and disqualification. According to the competitor, who did not participate in the New Year’s special as he was disqualified, the fault lies entirely with the roommate Maria Teresa Ruta. Unbearable, he called his an It won’t happen again, false, and a liar. In short, a good relationship has certainly not been created between the two. The man in his umpteenth attack on the woman also stated that Ruta was not really offended, otherwise, she would have complained in the confessional, and that she too would have exaggerated with the tones.


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