Elisa Isoardi just woke up: more and more beautiful PHOTOS

<> on August 27, 2013 in Milan, Italy.

Elisa Isoardi enchanting as soon as she wakes up: penetrating gaze, she is ready to get to work in the kitchen. Fans crazy for her

Conductor appreciated and loved by fans, Elisa Isoardi is a veteran of the experience at “Dancing with the Stars”, paired with Raimondo Todaro. And the harmony between the two had given rise to a series of “gossip is” rumors about their sentimental relationship. The two, in fact, were single and were repeatedly paparazzi around Rome.

And instead, it is just a strong friendship, as stated by both; the two have not established any relationship, also because the dancer is currently engaged with one of the professors of “L’Eredità”. The Isoardi, therefore, is single and at the moment also without work commitments.

After the experience last June with ” La Prova del Cuoco “, a broadcast closed to make room for Antonella Clerici with ” E ‘sempre Mezzogiorno “, Isoardi is looking for a new work experience. Meanwhile, she dedicates herself to her passions, remaining very active on Instagram, with fans always updated.

Elisa Isoardi in the early morning


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The beautiful presenter, on the other hand, is very popular on the social network where she has almost half a million followers (491 thousand to be precise) and is mailed continuously. Often in the kitchen, she also “updated” her fans during her experience at Ballando by posting the videos of the rehearsals with Raimondo Todaro.

And did Isoardi also publish a video on New Year‘s Eve, immediately raising a question? Are you sure she was alone? In the pictures, she can be seen in the company only of her dog but she is definitely on target; bright red lipstick and a very low-cut dress, to show off her decollete and her shapes. Far too much to celebrate alone.


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In the last image, Elisa Isoardi posted a photo as soon as she woke up; a stunning close-up, as soon as she wakes up, with her long hair around her face and her right hand resting on her cheek. Ready to get into the kitchen, in the caption she explains how she will get to work to make a cake. The event? The six years of her little dog.