Cristina Buccino, nothing under the shirt: “I want it” [PHOTO]


The famous model and influencer, Cristina Buccino, has published a very sensual photo confessing a deep desire.

The Italian showgirl, Cristina Buccino, began to take her first steps in the entertainment world as a model. In fact, as a young man, she posed for various catalogs and advertising campaigns before moving on to television. Initially, she took part in programs such as Tutto x Tutto which was broadcast on Rai Uno, and then moved to Rai Due with Gene Gnocchi, Artù.

 Success came when she participated in Velina and managed to enter the group of finalists. Later she participated in the Inheritance as a Professor, but the real turning point comes when she takes part as a competitor in the Isola Dei Famosi programDonatellaSilvia, and Giulia Provvedi also participated in the same edition, who finished first.

Cristina Buccino reveals what she is missing by wearing a very sensual outfit

The beautiful Calabrian influencer doesn’t seem to be a big fan of winter. In fact, she posted a photo, most likely dating back to the summer, in which she wears only an oversized checkered shirt. The garment is left open and you can clearly see the model’s generous breasts. There are no pants or any other kind of clothing insight for the lower part of the look, just a pair of briefs that highlight the sensual deadlift that takes the breath away of her countless followers.

The caption reads “ desiring a little sun as never before”. Cristina does not like the cold and would like to go back to relax in the sun sipping a cocktail without any thoughts on her mind other than enjoying the tan. And how to blame her!

Sensuality is definitely the trump card of Buccino who always manages to amaze and leave her fans speechless.