Alessio Lo Passo of Men and Women, what he does now: a new adventure


Alessio Lo Passo, the former transit with a past behind bars is ready for a new adventure: the suggestion arrived from his girlfriend

Former tronista Alessio Lo Passo, his “career” took off just after sitting on the throne in the transmission of Maria De Filippi about 10 years ago. From “Men and Women”, it has been constant growth, albeit interrupted due to problems with justice, and not only from a work point of view. Even in the private sector, in fact, he seems to be experiencing a golden moment.

The boy, in fact, is engaged to Federica Pacela influencer and model returning from the 2021 calendar without veils. The two, as Lo Passo explained, met in Calabria last summer to participate in a reality show. The knowledge, however, led to a deepening up to the days spent together that started the relationship.

” It came suddenly, ” explained Lo Passo, telling of his relationship with Pacella. ” We are very happy, ” he later explained. And the boy recently also talked about his problems with justice. ” I have been accused of attempted extortion against a surgeon but it is not true, I have never done so “.

Alessio Lo Passo: the new adventure


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The boy revealed his difficulties behind bars. “ I lost 15 kg, there were three of us in a two square meter cell. The world collapsed on me ”he revealed,“ my whole life passed in front of me. After my sentence I went back to my friends, the real ones, and to my family ”his terrible story.

Now, however, Alessio Lo Passo has put that terrible situation behind him and, in fact, has already started again. For him, now, a new adventure, arrived at the suggestion of his girlfriend, Federica Pacella, former star of Ex On The Beach ”, clearly in the Italian version.


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He signed up for OnlyFans , an entertainment and paid service born in 2016 in England. Those who sign up can post even “pushy” photos, with explicit nudes and earn money through their fans’ memberships.