Ainett Stephens trains on the beach but the leggings explode [PHOTOS]


Ainett Stephens does not stop training even in these first days of 2021: her workout on the beach is explosive

A new year begins for the beautiful Ainett Stephens who returns to show her followers her more sensual side to start the year well. Just on New Year’s Eve, the splendid showgirl was immortalized in a long dark evening dress, even if some people can be seen behind her, not really in compliance with the anti-Covid regulations.

Today, however, the showgirl returns to show off her physique while training on the beach. Leggings struggle to keep her overwhelming curves at bay.

Ainett Stephens returns to training on the beach: a mom who curves

From nearby Spain, the beautiful Ainett Stephens resumes training after the holidays in which perhaps some deviation from the rule as regards nutrition was legitimate. In fact, today the showgirl through her Instagram profile shows her followers that she is back to train on the beach, with three photos in a post on the rocks.

She is wearing a gray top that can barely contain her really explosive breasts, while underneath she is wearing black leggings that highlight her very sensual curves. In the three photos, she first shows her hand on the rocks, where she then decides to sit down. In the description, on the other hand, she wishes everyone a good first Sunday in 2021, with users who naturally appreciate and welcome the wish, responding with more than 11 thousand likes in three hours from sharing the post. So the beautiful ‘black cat’ begins the new year in the name of sensuality and training, just as it ended last year.