Wanda Nara ignites 2021: dangerous transparencies of the dress [PHOTO]


First social posts of the year also for Wanda Nara. Unmissable are the photos that inaugurate 2021 of the Argentine model who, on Instagram, is portrayed wearing only a semi-transparent dress.

She could not miss the list of celebrities who inaugurated the new year with a social post. Wanda Nara, one of the most followed women in the world, wanted to delight all her followers with yet another photo that portrays her. The first sharing of 2021 with only her protagonist, published in the Italian early afternoon, considering the standards to which she has accustomed us, portrays her too covered.

Mauro Icardi’s wife, who had celebrated midnight with a photo of her in the company of the PSG striker, is shown wearing a semi-transparent dressing gown, which reveals her iconic shapes. In particular, the most attentive eye will not have missed a side B which, under the thin fabric of the dress, is practically uncovered.

Nothing new considering the last shots of last year, especially those that portrayed her naked on the horse, but still a photo that in just a couple of hours has already exceeded 40 thousand I like.

Wanda Nara, this time she is dressed but there is transparency


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She has Wanda Nara portrayed from her back, which is why her B-side is clearly highlighted towards the public. The dress, thin and transparent, reveals what is underneath. The Argentine model, in all this, stares at the camera with a sensual gaze. For a few days now, Mrs. Icardi has returned to her land where she is spending relaxing moments with her family. Her children and her husband Icardi are also following him, who is expected in France in a few days to resume training with PSG.


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In short, time to post some intimate family portrait in the Patagonian heat before returning to Europe. Where, despite the low temperatures, Wanda Nara will certainly not disappoint her fans with future social posts.


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