Pamela Prati devastating for New Year’s Eve: butt to faint [VIDEO]

ROME - JANUARY 09: Actor Will Smith attends the 'I Am Legend' premiere at the Moderno Cinema on January 9, 2008 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images)

Pamela Prati stands out for New Year’s Eve and drives all her followers crazy with an absolutely breathtaking post. Here’s what it is

Pamela Prati never ceases to capture the attention of all her followers through posts on Instagram that are absolutely out of line. The well-known showgirl is managing, in fact, to stand out on social media, further expanding the slice of fans who regularly follow her. La Prati was born in Ozieri in the province of Sassari in 1958 and has dedicated a whole life to the world of entertainment.

At 18, in order to cultivate and fulfill her dream, he moved to Rome. She manages to establish herself as the historic showgirl of Bagaglino, but also as a presenter. It can be remembered, in fact, driving “Do you know the latest?”. He also participated in the well-known reality show “Big Brother Vip” and has been talked about a lot in recent years for the Mark Caltagirone case. Its popularity is absolutely not in question and its beauty has over time become iconic on the Italian scene. The showgirl also manages to delight her followers through social networks.

Pamela Prati totally captures the attention of followers with the red dress

On the occasion of the New Year, Prati was further highlighted with a video published just now on her Instagram profile. The showgirl is absolutely gorgeous with the long red dress and emphasizes how the color looks good on New Year’s Eve. At the center of the post is a breathtaking video in which Prati turns her back, showing her statuesque buttocks, highlighted by the red dress. The image that certainly all followers liked. Below is the post in question and the video.