Melita Toniolo: a year of sensuality and laughter [PHOTOS]

<> on October 14, 2010 in Milan, Italy.

The new year has now begun: but let’s not forget the old one together with the laughter and sensual poses of Melita Toniolo. The Venetian model is always active on social media.

New Year New Life? Not for now. In the sense that 2021 has just begun and let’s give it the right time to fuel up and take action. There is still something to spend a few words on compared to last year. Something “said” through some photos, videos, and stories of models, actresses, showgirls, and influencers of the moment.

One of these is definitely Melita Toniolo. The beautiful Venetian model showed up very often on social networks throughout the course of 2020. But, unlike other colleagues a little more “honeyed”, she managed to alternate moments of great sensuality with extreme laughter.

Well yes: she herself, in some shots where she was immortalized in all her glory, was very happy to make fun of herself. Speaking of food falls constant faux pas. In short, a real mix of which she herself, however, was proud.

Melita Toniolo between sensuality and laughter: who knows what she will propose for 2021

That’s what we were talking about a moment ago. At first glance, you immediately think of a shot of those to take your breath away when you set your eyes on the shot itself. In fact, it is so, but not just “so”.

Melita is truly stunning. Too bad (so to speak) that in the caption she herself writes: “Actually I’m in pajamas and socks”, also making fun of her colleagues who undress even during the winter. But let’s move on.

This too was a shot really appreciated by her followers, with Melita in a really risque position. Too bad (even here so to speak) that in the caption there is written, once again, something extremely nice: “When you look for the nearest motorway stop but you can’t find it”.

In short, on her Instagram profile, you can find other photos in this style. At least, she tried to alternate sensual photos with captions where she made fun of herself, just a little bit, by herself. Instead of mentioning some philosopher who perhaps would have turned over in her grave. Happy 2021 Melita, let’s see how you will amaze in this new year!