Malena: the shot that hit Instagram in 2020 [PHOTOS]


Malena (National) has literally blasted Instagram with a shot that in 2020 had no equal. The actress holds it tight and remembers it “heartily”.

In 2020, given the insistent stay within the four walls of the home (obviously due to the coronavirus pandemic), someone decided to make everything lighter if not exciting. But perhaps the most appropriate word should be, indeed it is: spicy. A truly spicy 2020, from many points of view. Obviously thanks also to some specific protagonists.

One of these is certainly Malena, for all the national team. The latter is very famous for its red-light films. But throughout 2020 she decided to “drop” are not the clothes off, but also on the most popular social of the moment: Instagram. At least as regards shots and videos.

Malena has literally increased her tally, far exceeding 800,000 followers. For the new year, it will certainly aim for the million. But to do this she entered with a “straight leg” with photos that took the breath away of all those who found them in front of their eyes. Not just photos. One-shot, in particular, has detached all the others.

The shot of 2020: Malena (almost) completely naked, all crazy for her

Here it is the shot that made Malena Nazionale’s Instagram social profile skyrocket. Ben 137 thousand like, with nearly 30 thousand comments. A shot where you can see it without veils, with a single red thread to act as a “contour”.

With these types of shots, she started a series of questions about herself and aspects of her physique. The followers have flocked en masse, even had a mad buffalo herd. A few days later, she almost gets over it with a second shot, which closes, in fact, in second place.

They always reward her when she shows her rear and puts the turbo. In this case, the shot stopped at “only” 134 thousand likes. She failed to snatch the scepter from the one just mentioned. Despite this, two shots remain nothing short of breathtaking. Malena starts the new year … with a bang!