Giulia De Lellis infuriates the web: “You should lead by example” [PHOTOS]


Giulia De Lellis did not start the year in the best way, especially towards followers. Two mistakes in a short time. What is it about?

Low blow for Giulia De Lellis. The avid social media have pointed out a not very nice detail of the famous influencer, a figure who should set a good example. In her latest post, Giulia complained about the malfunction of Instagram and asked if the same thing had happened to her followers. The answer, however, was not what she wanted.

Fans, or haters in passing, have raged against her because in the photo in the company of her little dog she is wearing real fur and certainly not inconspicuous. In fact, many have written to her about how inconsistent she is with the continuous publicity she makes about her deep love for animals. Then what does Giulia do? Wear a fur coat. Fall of style and her first start of the year was rejected. But for a very just cause!


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“Chiara Ferragni is better than Giulia”

“Anyone who is insulted on New Year’s will be insulted all year round”. Let’s hope this is not the case, but Giulia De Lellis continues to make mistakes after mistakes. In fact, before showing herself with real fur, the influencer also angered fans for her lack of tact with the holidays outside Italy.

While in fact everyone stayed at home in compliance with the rules of the new DPCM. Giulia screwed it up and went to spend her holidays in Switzerland, in St, Moritz, in the company of her new boyfriend, Carlo Beretta. The reaction of the fans was ruthless and without too many ministers they told her openly that compared to her, Chiara Ferragni is just another world. 

The blonde colleague wife of Fedez, in fact, gave a good example by staying at home with her husband and little Leo. They celebrated the arrival of the new year in the company of their followers on social media, but nothing more. In short, Giulia is not doing it right.


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