Federica Nargi, sweet effusions in the dark: “My koala” [PHOTO]


Federica Nargi posted a very sweet black and white photo. Followers were delighted with the shot. Gorgeous!

Sweetness moment for Federica Nargi. She posted a black and white photo with her beautiful daughter Sofia. The showgirl with her daughter enjoys a pleasant moment of relaxation embraced on the sofa, just like “Koala”. The family is very important for Federica and the photos she posts on social media demonstrate this.

Like the one a few days ago in the company of the whole family: the two beautiful daughters and her husband Alessandro Matri. The photos are very popular with her followers who fill her photos with affectionate words and esteem for her. Federica, after all, managed to win the love of her fans through simplicity.


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An uphill career for Federica Nargi

A few months ago Federica returned to Rome for love, but this does not mean that she has stopped working. On the contrary, her career never seems to stop. On social media, the beautiful showgirl and model are depopulating and her followers appreciate her very much.

Recently, her approval has risen further with her cute TikToks, especially those with her daughters or on her past memories, of when she was a very beloved tissue by the Italians. In fact, the showgirl participated in the program together with her colleague Costanza Caracciolo and the two, along with many others, was among the most popular. In 2008 she had participated in the “Veline” program and for four years she danced for Striscia la Notizia. 

After the adventure of the small screen, Federica moved to the theater to act in the comedy “He and She” by Federico Moccia. Social media currently shows a lot more about her, her private life, and her work. After the break for the family, she left very well and not just for social media. In this last period, she is the testimonial of a well-known underwear brand. The photos are spectacular.