Erica Piamonte: the aggressive “change” for the new year [PHOTO]


Erica Piamonte had already displaced during 2020: with the new year, however, she does not seem to go back. It will be a really aggressive and intense change of look.

For some, the saying “new year, new life” is really a rule to follow. She just expects the old one to end, to start the new one with good intentions, with a change of vision in life itself, or a change of look. Let’s face it: to change you don’t need to wait for the difference between the 31st of December and the 1st of January of the new year.

But any excuse is good to make some changes. The same changes that Erica Piamonte, influencer of the “present” days, has made to her hair. A change of look wanted at the end of the year.

To then, now, propose it again, almost certainly, for the whole of 2021. Erica really looks like another person, bigger, but also more “aggressive”. A really intense change of look, which, however, is not really liked by all of his followers. Someone who complains is always there.

Erica Piamonte in “black” with the new year: definitive look?

Black, or rather black, more than ever. The new-look gives it a healthy touch of aggression. If many appreciated the change of “course”, others preferred her blonde. She did not listen to anyone and went straight on her way. On the contrary: it does not seem willing to go back.

Almost certainly, unless there are particular implications, this will be the look that she will present to her followers during all of 2021. She started as a blonde, ends up as a brunette, and is preparing to continue in “total black”. She appears to have become a panther.

For the sake of “news”, we also put a photo of Erica while she was still “wearing” her blond hair. It really looks like another person. There are those who like it and those who like it black. The judgment, however, seems to matter little to her.

She has already decided how she will face this 2021 and from the latest photos posted on the official Instagram profile, it is very clear what she will propose to those who decide to continue following her.