Elena Morali greets 2020 with the PHOTO of a hot kiss


Elena Morali greets 2020 with a hot kiss together with her Luigi Fabulous, the couple gives us the last photo of the year that drives the web crazy.

Luigi Fabulous and Elena Morali are one of the most talked-about couples of 2020, their story has been scrutinized and commented on the armchairs of Barbara D’Urso. Luigi came from a difficult relationship with Nina Moric, with whom she also had legal problems. The boy was in fact accused by Fabrizio Corona‘s ex of violence and mistreatment and then disappeared into thin air. Her return, in a big way, she did together with Elena Morali.

The couple shocked everyone last spring when they decided to get married in Africa with a civil ceremony. The wedding photos have been around the web, now the ex Della Pupa and the nerd is waiting for the marriage proposal to get married in Italy too. To celebrate New Year’s Eve they gave us a photo of a hot kiss, so they say hello to 2020.

Elena Morali and Luigi Favoloso silence the rumors of the crisis [PHOTOS]


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And so sitting on the ground, one in the other’s arms exchanging a passionate kiss that Elena and Luigi want to greet 2020. A heavy year for the whole world that has had to face and is facing a pandemic. Elena is wearing a very short pizza dress and a pair of high boots that accentuate her legs, sitting on Fabulous’s lap are surrounded by balloons. A house party, so this year we celebrated the New Year.

The couple silenced all the rumors of crisis and rupture with a simple photo. Elena and Luigi Favoloso have a very tormented and troubled history, also due to the love past of both, but especially that of Luigi who was dragged by one of the usual Moric dramas. Even if the boy, in terms of dramas, was able to hold her own.

Even if this year we had to spend the holidays at home, Morali does not give up on putting everything in gear for its Fabulous.