Diletta Leotta, an “atypical” party for New Year’s Eve [VIDEO]


Happy New Year Diletta Leotta! Her post is a charge of energy for those who would like to go dancing, but can’t! A fun video to celebrate 2021

The race for the most extravagant wishes from home has officially startedAmong the first places, there is her, the beautiful and sexy Diletta Leotta. There are many followers who would have much preferred to see her in a black or red dress, low-cut, high heels and in some scary location. Instead, this 2021 has started to show the real-life of VIPs too.

Even Diletta, like everyone else, celebrated at home in the company of her family and at midnight she went wild in the company of her niece, Georgina. The beautiful sports journalist posted a video in which both are unleashed to the sound of music, the night one at the disco, in the place where it is still forbidden to enter. The piece, Push me by Benny Benassi, starts and the party begins!

Diletta and her Christmas training

Even if this period is on vacation, Diletta cannot help but keep in training, especially in view of the Christmas binges. We are sure that at the table she will never exaggerate too much, but it is always better to keep fit. Tracksuit, sneakers, and exercises… under the Christmas tree!

Yesterday Diletta published a photo that portrays her in sportswear under a gigantic Christmas tree with a bow. A bright smile like never before, as if to indicate that with this cold and in lockdown, it’s nice to train. For her, it will certainly be like this, but her followers of beauty can only see her.

In less than you think, the comments on her post have been triggered, those who make irony about her training, those who consider her as always beautiful, and those who ask the other followers if they too would have liked to find Diletta under the tree. Her is an example to follow, even if you are forced to stay at home, better not to lose good habits and a little sport during the holidays is the ideal choice. Happy New Year Diletta!


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