Claudia Ruggeri without brakes: legs up and neckline down! [PHOTOS]


One of Avanti another’s most loved showgirls, Claudia Ruggeri, greeted 2020 in style. The photo left everyone breathless.

The beautiful Roman Bonas, Claudia Ruggeri , has a very special relationship with Paolo Bonolis , In fact, the two are in- laws as the showgirl married his wife’s brother, Marco Bruganelli . The wedding, which sealed their great love by crowning Ruggeri’s dream , was celebrated in 2016. In addition, Sonia Bruganelli , wife of the TV presenter, also collaborated with her sister-in-law in 2004. In fact, the Roman at the time had started to work in his casting agency.

The Bonas of Avanti another reveals a little too much in her greeting post

Like all VIPs, famous people or anyone who has an Instagram profile, Bonas from Avanti another , Bonolis’s sister-in-law , posted a message of good wishes for the new year. In fact, Claudia shared with her followers an image that surprised everyone. She wears a very short dress with long puff sleeves and a pair of high boots that reach her knees. With such an outfit that leaves very little to the imagination, no one has noticed the caption. Her message is short, but in any case she has taken the trouble to write a few lines to wish happy new year to those who follow her.

She smiles happily at the camera, while the plunging neckline reveals her generous curves. In addition, the dress is very skimpy, in fact it is possible to see her detachment of legs that literally drove the web crazy. In short, usually the upper or the lower part is left uncovered, but Ruggeri did not want to compromise.

Well what to say, she couldn’t have started the year in a better way, the showgirl shows off all her sexuality!