Belen, not bad dress for New Year [VIDEO]


A little bit of curiosity about the Belen outfit for New Year’s Eve. You get a glimpse of something from the story, but followers await the post

Gossip lovers will have asked themselves a question: how did Belen celebrate? Still no post, but on the other hand, her stories have revealed a little something. First of all, dear Belen, how many were you celebrating? The detail that can be overlooked to make room for her outfit.

The slightly dark video doesn’t show her figure very well, but it looks like a nice little black dress that fits her charm. A kiss to his followers and 2021 can begin. What is certain is that he has decided to abandon the old year and welcome the new one with the company of his new love: Antonino Spinalbese.

Belen, New Year with an anti-Covid measure

The video shows some people behind her, but don’t worry: she spent the New Year with her family. However, a small piece was missing to ensure that the painting was complete. A piece that can be defined as fundamental: the little Santiago. For this occasion, the child remained in the company of his father, Stefano De Martino, in Naples.

The beautiful showgirl from December 22 is in Trentino with her family, where they spent Christmas altogether, including Cecilia and Jeremias. As the famous musical “Add a seat at the table” says, alongside the showgirl there was in fact her new flame, Antonino Spinalbese who was also present for the New Year’s Eve dinner at the Lovely Lodge Ravelli, an extra luxury chalet.

What did Stefano do with his son Santiago instead? No photos have been published on the profile yet, but from the stories, it would seem that the son is having fun in his Neapolitan bedroom. The little one, who is now growing up, is now used to separate parties, but the two seem not to let their son miss anything. And affection in situations like these is essential. The happiness of the children comes first, but parents must also allow themselves the opportunity to be happy.