Kylie Jenner in a hot pool: the costume does not contain it [PHOTOS]


Kylie Jenner, an American TV personality, greets the year with a shot on Instagram that is nothing short of hot: like the swimming pool in which she is immortalized.

Time of year-end shots. Everyone greets in their own way this chaotic 2020 that has given many surprises: one above all, bitter, was the coronavirus pandemic. But we can’t always talk about the pandemic itself. Over the course of 2020, there have been many shots, on Instagram, which have warmed the hearts and souls of all the followers in the world. Images of all kinds with really hot positions and clothing.

One who gave away a lot of hot images was the American entrepreneur and TV personality Kylie Jenner, who became famous thanks to her participation in some reality shows in the country. Now, though, it’s time to show off in other ways.

Choose two shots that are nothing short of hot to greet the year. Hot as the pool in which she dives and shows a swimsuit that does not contain it. Followers go crazy for her as always. She does nothing but continues her show.

Kylie Jenner’s show continues: the pool is as hot as she is


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She throws herself into the pool but doesn’t get her hair wet. First, there is always time for a shot to give to your followers. Kylie has a costume that contains virtually nothing. At any moment, everything could explode. But she seems motionless, even embalmed and focused solely and exclusively on the shot.

The followers, at her sight, go crazy as always. Not just the boys. Jenner’s audience is varied. She is really appreciated by everyone and so she shows another one … of photos!


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She limits herself to writing in the caption: “Swimming into 2021”. That’s right: in 2021 she wants to enter by swimming, but not only. Forms are always in plain sight and Kylie looks ready for year-end total immersion. Explosive


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