A wonderful Sabrina Salerno reveals: “Here’s how to understand life” [PHOTO]


Sabrina Salerno never ceases to attract all her followers with absolutely captivating posts. This time the showgirl posts very interesting thoughts about life: here is her quote on Instagram

Sabrina Salerno continues to have great success after a life on the cover. Born in 1968 in Genoa, she stands out from a very young age in the world of music. It increases its popularity after being discovered by Claudio Cecchetto and steals the show by putting itself in great evidence in a genre of its own. In a short time, it becomes one of the greatest exponents of pop and dance at the turn of the 90s.

Its success is global enough to explode at the highest level even outside in a few years. She also manages to reach a milestone as rare as it is coveted: she is, in fact, the first Italian artist to place third in the UK ranking, behind the sacred monsters of pop. Pieces like ‘Hot Girl’, ‘Boys’ or ‘Siamo Donne’ with which he participated in the Sanremo Festival remain in the collective imagination and are still passed and listened to on the radio. The showgirl has no intention of holding back her success.

Sabrina Salerno wise among the flowers: here is her thought on love

Salerno is very active on her Instagram profile where she often shows her passion for fitness, but also hotshots and photos of everyday life. The showgirl this time indulges in a slightly more philosophical post. In the photo, she is surrounded by flowers and the tight shirt highlights all her forms. In the caption, however, he quotes Buddha: “What is the difference between ‘I like you’ and ‘I love you’? Buddha replies: when you like a flower, you take it. When you love a flower you water it all day. Who understands this, understands life “. Here is the post.


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