Carolina Casiraghi, bang at the end of the year: it shows it all [PHOTOS]


One of Carolina Casiraghi’s many end-of-year barrels arrives: the influencer breaks lines and shows it in front of everyone. Followers melt despite the cold.

The first barrels at the end of the year begin. On New Year’s Eve, there are always many. Although this year everything will have to be more resized. Unless everyone wants to “shoot” from their own window or balcony at home. But, for everyone’s sake, let’s hope this doesn’t happen, and that people keep a little bit of sobriety.

If there are no New Year’s barrels, the alternative ones, of barrels, in fact, we find them on Instagram. Some have already equipped themselves and have started firing their cartridges “wounding” the hearts and souls of many followers.

Let’s talk about the sensual and aggressive Carolina Casiraghi. She didn’t think twice and just before the New Year, now less than 48 hours, she launched into a shot that really made a bang. She turned her back on everyone and showed it straight away. First in color and then in black and white.

The Casiraghi unleashed for the end of the year: absolutely without brakes

It breaks the lines and puts the turbo. Other than brakes. Casiraghi has decided not to stop anymore. And who knows what will happen close to the new year. For now, it really shows a lot. Its “backside” is clearly in plain sight. On the contrary, she asks her followers to choose whether they prefer to observe her in color or in black and white.

Someone replies that it is the same (as could have been foreseen from the beginning). Someone else tries to give a more “poetic” answer“The color shot gives you more volume”.

Only three hours pass and she returns to Instagram, in lingerie. Her followers, for the end of this 2020 and the beginning of next year, she literally wants to lay them out. Carolina Casiraghi’s first New Year’s barrels have begun.