Cristina Buccino, nothing under the pillow: a set of PHOTOS to take your breath away


Spectacular collage published by Cristina Buccino. A beautiful photo of her goes out of her way for her followers. Extraordinary!

A few days ago Cristina Buccino delighted her followers with a shot under the sheets but underneath them nothing else. Now, the beautiful model has decided to re-propose the same photo. On the contrary, she has done better, she has published four in a splendid collage. Same location and same position, only her gaze changes.

All four have one thing in common, however: a marked sensuality. Fans appreciated that Cristina repurposed her quadrupled image. There are also those who have decided to vote for their favorite image: the photo chosen seems to be number four. But it is impossible to choose!

The product line of the Buccino sisters

Cristina Buccino is a much-loved model and influencer. On social media, she can decide to publish anything and always manages to get thousands of likes even with minimal shots: shoes, glasses, design elements, jewelry, and beauty products. But what make-up secrets or “serums” does Cristina use?

Simple! Those launched together with her sisters, Maria Teresa and Donatella, a few months ago. Together, combining a purely feminine strength, they launched their cosmetics brand: MCD Beauty Life. It is a line of beauty masks able to take care of the body in a glamorous way.

Besides being three beautiful sisters and women, their combined skills gave birth to this project they had been working on for some time. Cristina a perfect model, Donatella a biologist, and Maria Teresa an expert in the beauty sector. The products they launched are cruelty-free and 100% Made in Italy. In addition, they are a great choice for both women’s and men’s skin, but above all, they have a low price.

Female entrepreneurship has always been a topic of great interest and many influencers, after years spent between fashion and beauty, have decided to take the plunge and become entrepreneurs. A choice of this kind is a difficult period like this is an extremely courageous gesture. But the three sisters have the stuff to sell.