Costanza Caracciolo the announcement on social media: “I put them on New Year’s Eve” [​​PHOTOS]


Costanza Caracciolo does not give up on the idea of ​​having to spend a New Year inside the house: even inside the house, she will put them all the same.

We all know that it will be a New Year marked by sobriety. You will not be able to leave the house, the coronavirus is still in the air. Farewell to the mega parties with everyone together for a late-night party and other aspects. Expectations that, for at least this year, we should really abandon. There are those, however, who do not give up on a scenic entrance even within the four walls of their homes.

We are talking about the beautiful Costanza Caracciolo, showgirl and former showgirl of Striscia la Notizia, a current partner of Christian Vieri, former soccer player. The latter appeared in a truly breathtaking social shot.

An almost surprise announcement. First a series of details in the caption then she stated: “Anyway, I’ll put them on New Year’s Eve anyway”. The followers, as always, went crazy for her. The secret dream, however, remained this year too.

The New Year’s dress cannot be missing: Costanza Caracciolo prepares the show


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She films herself while she is in the mirror, in the process of putting on her face. The Caracciolo appears in black and white and is said embittered but also aware of how having to go this year-end. Had it been up to her, in an idyllic situation, she would have left instantly, along with the rest of the family.

She also asks her followers. Many respond that they would have preferred the sea to the mountains, others on an overseas trip. In short, to each, her own journey and her… dress! Precisely what she will not give up putting the same Constance even if inside the house with a fixed “Mode Sequin” from On. Always on, never off.

There are those who lie down on the bed and slip under the duvet, especially in winter, before going to sleep. Not her! She shows up with low-cut pajamas before being pampered by Morfeo or… by Bobo Vieri!