Belen Rodriguez, the breakup displaces everyone: “It’s over”


The friendship between Belen Rodriguez and Mattia Ferrari has come to an end, the two have also interrupted their professional collaboration

They seemed inseparable and yet the friendship between Belen Rodriguez and Mattia Ferrari seems to have come to an end. The young 28-year-old was very close to the beautiful Argentine showgirl after the end of her love affair with Stefano De Martino.

The two showed themselves daily together on Instagram, they also spent the summer holidays together. At first, many didn’t believe that they were just good friends, they thought there was a flirtation going on between them. A rumor that was immediately denied, he is gay.

For about a year and a half  Belen Rodriguez and Matta Ferrari have shared a lot of things, which are not just about their friendship. In fact, between the two there was also a working collaboration. For a while, however, they have moved away, journalism has thought about it in the last few hours to leak the indiscretion.

Belen Rodriguez and Mattia Ferrari far away, she also interrupted other friendships

It seems that Mattia Ferrari and Belen Rodriguez have not only stopped their professional collaboration, their friendship also seems to be over. At  Giornalettismo the young designer revealed that theirs was a good experience but they have different goals. He then added: “But now everything has come to an end “. The boy then made it known that the showgirl in the last period has also chosen to interrupt other friendships.

Belen Rodriguez seems to have removed some friends from her life, her love story with  Antonino Spinalbese instead proceeds wonderfully. On Instagram, the two often show up together and seem to be more in love and happy than ever. The charming boy had taken a leave of absence from his job as a hairstylist, but he recently decided to resign to devote himself completely to his great passion for photography. He and Belen are spending the Christmas holidays in the mountains with the Rodriguez family. Everything is going well.