Nicole Mazzocato, PHOTO collage enchants the web: it looks like a doll


Beautiful photo collage published by Nicole Mazzocato. It almost looks like a doll. What did she ask her followers?

Photo collages are now in vogue on social media and if it’s a beauty like Nicole Mazzocato’s to publish it, it’s impossible to resist. Brunette, blue eyes, and sensual gaze, her followers couldn’t ask for anything better. With the addition of a wonderful smile, everyone can fall at her feet. In this case, they can fall into the like!

Her question was: which shot do you prefer? Asking which to answer is impossible. In any version, the model and very popular influencer is never wrong and is always beautiful and her followers as well as fill her with compliments, could not say better.


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The career of the beautiful Nicole

Many models and influencers of the moment have left the Men and Women program , but Nicole was not only the flirtatious doll. She has always been a lover of the world of acting and her career began in the theater and then continued with the small screen.

After having participated in Miss Italy and the Veline program , her name enters the minds of Italians after being the suitor and choice of Fabio Colloricchio . Their relationship lasted four years, but in the meantime, her career has moved on. She took part in the TV series Che Dio us Help and Don Matteo .

Returning to her private life, who entered Nicole’s heart after Fabio? Model Thomas Teffah , but after showing fans their strong sentiment, a cold shower arrives. The two broke up after a series of back and forth. However, they continue to feel and have remained as good friends as they were before they got together. However, life often takes different paths and we must not make a drama out of it, especially when a relationship ends well. Certainly the same cannot be said of her relationship with the former Fabio. Now they feel only through the lawyers.


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