Matilde Brandi gives a celestial vision: “Surprises at Gf Vip” [PHOTO]


Matilde Brandi more and more beautiful and seductive, the last photo posted yesterday on her Instagram profile made her many fans go crazy

Matilde Brandi once again enchanted her many fans a few hours ago. Last night the former griffin of the fifth edition of Big Brother Vip posted a photo of her in the reality studios on her Instagram profile.

Brandy wears a very elegant light blue dress, behind her a light blue and blue background, gave the fans a celestial vision. More beautiful than ever, the former gieffina has certainly not gone unnoticed in the eyes of the many fans who follow and love her every day. The well-known showgirl is 51 years old but today she is more and more beautiful and seductive, for her time never seems to pass. Her body is breathtaking, with her beauty and her sensuality always sends the web into a frenzy. Her photos are always full of likes, Brandi is wonderful.

Matilde Brandi elegant and beautiful on Ig, announces many surprises to the fans at Gf Vip, what will happen?

Matilde Brandi always manages to capture the attention of her many fans. Even the last post she published a few hours ago on Instagram is really pleasing the fans. The shot has already won more than 10 thousand likes and lots of comments full of compliments and affection.

In addition to having given a celestial vision to her followers,  Matilde Brandi has also announced that she will be present in the studio during the episode of  Big Brother Vip that will air tonight. According to her, there will be many surprises, even on New Year’s Eve, but she did not want to anticipate anything to the fans. What will happen? We just have to wait to find out.


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