Hallucinating Laura Cremaschi: light costume and “naughty” tattoo [PHOTO]


Web influencer and model Laura Cremaschi rewinds the tape of her fortunes behind the lens and makes Instagram followers dream

During the period of “cloister”, it gave a show of beauty from all over. After the latest government restrictions, it could start again with a new calendar campaign, adorned with modern photos and portraits of a model that leaves everyone breathless. Let’s talk about Laura Cremaschi, known to all as the ” Cremaschina ” of Instagram

Laura’s success, however, begins in front of the small Mediaset television screen, after the continuous advances of Paolo Bonolis, eager to have her in her management team. From “Avanti Un Altro” to the undisputed queen of the web, the step is really short.

Laura has made of her physical growth a work of art, shared with other friends for the “skin”, between beauty centers and outdoor walks. Now we see her in the guise of nostalgia, of what she has accomplished in the past, which will remain a “sweet” memory

Laura Cremaschi, a “statue” of timeless beauty

She waited for the right moment, before taking out what he took for granted, ended up in oblivion. So Laura Cremaschi rode the wave of destiny and reaped what good she sowed. It did so on the social platform, where today it has a greater appeal, with almost 1 million followers.

We had admired her in the “sweet” company of the complete trio of wonders, such as Claudia Ruggeri and Sara Croce struggling with aesthetic touches. An “Instagram story” from the past immortalizes the “trio of wonders”, in a bathrobe, ready to conquer the world. This portrait will also be counted in the memories of Laura who in the last hour has paid no attention to sentimentality and has highlighted her body, which borders on perfection.

Clear costume and “fluffy” tattoo, which begins in the groin area and ends in the most hidden private parts. The “Cremaschina” proves to have a breathtaking physical appearance, typical of a model that grows and is formed in the sign of sensuality. A dream for followers who have not noticed any difference between yesterday and today, if not some retouching of an already complete beauty of its most relevant forms


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