Benedetta Rossi, the absurd announcement on social media: “Forgive me” [PHOTO]


The very popular food blogger Benedetta Rossi has published a post on social media that has blown away her fans. What is it about?

Benedetta Rossi constantly accompanies the days of many housewives who love cooking and all women and men who need traditional recipes, good and above all, easy to prepare. This year has been a particular year, like a bit for everyone, but Benedetta’s work has been distorted by small rumors that have made her an enemy of Benedetta Parodi.

The well-known cook of the very popular social program “Made in the house of Benedetta” this time surprised her fans with a message on Instagram telling them that she needs a little break from her work. It is well known that Benedetta works closely with her husband Marco, and this can be stimulating for her and for him too.

However, working close to your life partner does not mean really being with him. Benedetta has decided to take a break from this wonderful adventure because she has to take back her life as a couple. Her husband needs her, her affection, and her closeness and she wants to dedicate time to her. A period of absence from the kitchen, which according to Benedetta will be short.


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