Cristina Buccino covered only by the pillow: a fairytale body [PHOTO]


Very sexy photo of Cristina Buccino on social media. Lying on the bed and covered only by the pillow. Beautiful, sensual, and simple. Followers love it

A gorgeous Cristina Buccino gorgeous in bed is covered only by the pillow. The beautiful influencer paid tribute to her followers with this sensual shot, as if it were a Christmas present. White sheets and a very sexy look so much so that her followers have considered her “dangerous”.

Dressed only in a bracelet and a small tattoo on her wrist. Her natural beauty is disarming and Cristina has the ability to be sensual and never vulgar from the most sophisticated to the simplest shots. In short, an all-round influencer who does not need to provoke in order to receive appreciation.


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The beautiful model queen of social media

There are many models who have moved their work to the famous social networkInstagram. However, not all of them have the ability to be able to create interesting content, content that is not always based on the nude or on the sexy image that often leads to tactical taste.

Cristina Buccino is one of those models and influencers who is, fortunately, far from these patterns. But Cristina is known not only on social media but also in the world of the small screen. Before depopulating in fact on the famous social network, the model made her debut in the Tutto per Tutto e Veline program, the same one that launched many web stars who today have many followers. After the program, she got the role of the professor in the Rai program L’eredità.

Cristina has 2 and a half million followers and is considered one of the most followed and loved influencers but her audience is completely different from other profiles that make a lot of talks. She lives her social network for work, not to show the whole day of her life. She knows what she is talking about and her love of fashion conveys it through her posts. It is impossible not to notice it. On a scale of 1 to 10, the maximum score for the beautiful model!