Antonella Mosetti without makeup leaves you speechless: unrecognizable [VIDEO]


Antonella Mosetti showed herself to her fans, in a natural and no makeup video. A follower in turmoil: the showgirl is unrecognizable

Antonella Mosetti has undergone various physical transformations over time. The very famous showgirl, who today showed herself to her fans in a video that left everyone speechless, never made a secret of it. In the post, the Roman model without makeup, natural, as she wishes a winking good morning to her fans. Hands in the hair and kisses were thrown to the followers, the video in a few minutes have already been very successful.

Thousands of views and even some comments, the followers have in any case appreciated the umpteenth sensual content of the woman, who despite having shown herself without makeup and appeared different from her usual look, continues to receive support among her beloved fans.

Antonella Mosetti, natural video: as in the days of not Rai

Mosetti cheers her fans every day, not only with new and sensual content but also with some videos from her past. The Roman model, dancer, and presenter, in fact, boasts a long television career, including living rooms, talk shows, and various broadcasts both in Mediaset and Rai. The beginnings of Non è la Rai are far away, but the woman continues nostalgic in bringing up the past when just 18 years old she entered the world of entertainment.

In her Instagram stories, an endless slew of videos (almost 50), of old broadcasts. Between Ciao Darwin, Non è la Rai, dances, and program presentations. Among the stories, there is also a photo of a young Antonella at the age of 17, beautiful with that characteristic black fringe that made millions of Italians fall in love in the late 90s and early 2000s.