Natalia Téllez Apologizes to Her Fans Through a Publication on Instagram

Why did Natalia Téllez apologize to her fans on Instagram? | Credits: YouTube

Natalia Téllez apologized to her followers through a publication made on her Instagram account, Do you want to know why? Coming up next, we tell you

The young driver, Natalia Téllez, shared a photograph yesterday through her Instagram account with a peculiar message for her followers, who immediately understood the reason, causing the sympathy of more than one.

The model and television presenter has become one of the most endearing celebrities in show business, and with her charisma and good humor, she has stolen everyone’s hearts.

Let us remember that Natalia Téllez began her television career in 2008 by participating in the successful telenovela “Rebelde”, which positioned her as one of the young actresses of the moment by playing the character of “Karen”, love rival of “Lupita”, the role played by Maite Perroni.

Thanks to her beginning in acting, Natalia Téllez managed to conquer the Mexican public, which opened her the opportunity to participate in various television programs, obtaining her own on the television network “Telehit”. He was also part of the cast of “Hoy”, and currently participates in “Netas divinas”. 

The 35-year-old host has positioned herself as one of the most influential artists on social networks, having 3.1 million followers on Instagram, where she always delights her fans with tender and flirtatious photographs that show her distinguished taste for Weddings.

It was thus, that in one of her most recent publications, the outgoing Natalia Téllez, shared a photograph of her looking very tender when posing with delicious ice cream that contained a small chocolate bunny on top. Below said image, the host of “Divine Net” wrote: “Sorry … this happened”, without specifying further. However, her fans were quick to understand the message of the beautiful host.

On the other hand, just a few weeks ago, the beautiful young woman enthralled all her fans by sharing a photo where she is seen wearing a tiny leopard swimsuit that highlights her slim but shapely figure.