Belinda’s Roles in Telenovelas and Her Relationship With Rosy Ocampo

Remembering Belinda in her soap operas with Rosy Ocampo | AP

The singer and actress took her first steps in the world of entertainment by participating in different novels with Rosy Ocampo, with whom she ended her relationship after some disputes

One of the most striking figures in the show today is Belinda, who from an early age began working within the recording sets and stages.

The singer and actress began her career with Televisa, particularly with the producer Rosy Ocampo, who was one of the most important names as she was in charge of most of the television station’s children’s productions since at that time children’s soap operas were the biggest hits.

At just 11 years old, in 2000, Belinda made her acting debut in one of Rosy Ocampo’s productions, ‘ Amigos x Siempre ‘, with the leading role of Ana. Although her interest was mainly music, she had the opportunity to use her singing skills within the soundtrack of the soap opera.

According to Rosy Ocampo herself, Belinda at the time of auditioning for the role, was “like an angel”, because her beautiful voice captivated everyone present.

The success was immediate. Children all over Mexico were obsessed with Belinda and with the great charisma that she transmitted through television, which earned her thousands of fans throughout the country.

So much so, that the television station did not hesitate to invite her to another of the great classics of children’s television, ‘ Aventuras en el Tiempo ‘, where Belinda once again played the leading role for children.

With this novel, as with the last one, Belinda went on tour on stages throughout the country, presenting the songs that made the children of Mexico dance and sing.

The following year, in 2002, Belinda starred for a time in ‘ Complices al rescue ‘, one of Televisa’s most important soap operas, and also one of the most controversial, not because of its history but because of the production’s public conflicts.

Due to the history that Belinda and Rosy Ocampo had in the past two soap operas, a success was already expected for their third together, where the actress played the twins Mariana and Silvana. However, the magnitude of this was even greater, so Televisa asked Rosy Ocampo to make more episodes than were planned.

It was at that moment that Rosy Ocampo’s conflicts with Belinda and her parents began. According to the same producer, when informing the parents of the actress about the extension of the novel, they were upset, because they had already planned a tour of Mexico with Belinda as a soloist, taking advantage of the current success of the also singer, something of which Ocampo was not aware.

Thus, public disputes took place, causing Belinda to leave ‘Complices to the Rescue’ halfway through production and was replaced by Daniela Luján.

While still a child, Belinda gave a lot to talk about on her way out for the unflattering statements about Rosy Ocampo and Daniela Luján. Of the latter, she said that “she does not impose fashions” as she did on the small screen.

For years, the relationship between both parties turned murky, but time played its part and finally, the rough edges were smoothed out. After several albums and tours as a soloist, and participation in other novels and films, Belinda returned to what is until today her last telenovela, produced by Rosy Ocampo, ‘ Camaleones ‘, where she shared credits with Alfonso Herrera, Edith González, Pee Wee, and Sherlyn.

Currently, we see Belinda on the small screen, not with Televisa but with TV Azteca, and not in an acting role, but as a judge within ‘ La Voz México ‘.