In the nude! Jennifer Lopez is blown apart after she’s nude on a photo: “Toxic”


jennifer lopez
The us singer Jennifer Lopez (PHOTO: Playback)

This week, Jennifer Lopez has proven that it still carries the status of a sex symbol to appear nude on the cover of the new single. But, it seems that not everyone in the world has adopted the confidence of the king. The former model and tv presenter Ulrika Jonsson has criticised Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston, for establishing the standards of beauty and unrealistic for women.

In an article for the Sun newspaper, Ulrika said that seeing J-Lo, who is two years younger than her, it made him “feel very bad”, and “crying on the inside”. In addition to that, Ulrika is a mother of four children, added that her daughter, Bo, is 20 years old, and he saw the statement as “toxic”.

Jennifer Lopez has posed nude for the cover of the new single 'In The Morning'
Photo: Reproduction

The famous ” proved to be concerned with the effect of the photos, or unrealistic, about their daughters…. “They can pretend that they are knowledgeable and aware of their filters, and those images sometimes are quite far away from the reality of it, but I also know that deep down inside, they look in the mirror or in a selfie they took, and if you are going to feel completely lame,” he says.

She also spoke out about the actress Jennifer Aniston, who posed recently for a campaign for clothing. “When I look at the beautiful Jennifer Aniston a few days ago, I found myself wondering what they were, I apologize for not having that aspect of all things, took out.

The film is a Swedish, also, to be called an “old, dry,” because I prefer to show you a story of your own body. She believes that this is the kind of body that women actually want to see, and often to post photos without retouching and without make-up on your social networks.

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