The Revolution That Shakira Has Made on Tiktok With Her New Viral Challenge

The revolution that Shakira has made on TikTok with her new viral challenge | Youtube

On TikTok, Shakira’s dance in the ‘Girl like me’ video has become a viral challenge and she even has a tutorial for her fans

Colombia.- Recently, the Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira was chosen to give the feminine touch and the Latin flavor to the new single from the American group Black Eyed Peas‘Girl like me’, from her newest album entitled “Translation”. Although this topic was launched on June 19, its official video was released until December 4 due to the delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, it has done its thing again, becoming a trend in different social media for her dancing skills.

The singer’s video revives the famous dance she did during this year’s Super Bowl, which is called Champeta, in addition to including the moonwalk that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson made fashionable, thus making the theme and dance a viral challenge on TikTok that everyone wants to do, a theme for which Shakira was proud and commented: “You don’t know how happy I am with your comments and the response to ‘Girl like me’, more than I could wish !! I love you !! “.

In the video, we see that the beautiful and talented singer dances dressed in an eighties outfit and shows her skills for the skateboard so that her fans immediately did not prevent the video from reaching a million views shortly after its launch on YouTube. However, it was on TikTok that he gained much more popularity with the challenge called ” #ShakiraChallenge “.

Millions of users have seen the video throughout this popular video platform, so the choreography has begun to become popular to the maximum, thus managing to flood the platform with this challenge, even with people using inspiration from the outfit that Shakira used in the official video for the song.


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It is worth mentioning that Shak wore a spectacular look; a black overall, a red crop top style blouse, long socks, white tennis shoes, and a blue hairband, which is why we see all her followers wearing an outfit very similar to the famous one.

The video has become so popular on a said platform that Shakira herself has spoken on the subject and has shared one of them on her Instagram profile, where we see the young Isela Cervantes doing the challenge with an outfit almost identical to hers and doing his best dance moves while in the background we see the original video on a screen and the truth is that it shows that he rehearsed it too much since it was great.

This viral challenge on TikTok not only made the official video of the song or the theme on the different digital platforms reach millions of reproductions but in the last hours, the singer reached ten million followers on her official TikTok account, managing to surprise everyone.

Later Shakira returned to share other videos about this popular challenge, where we see boys, girls, men, and women doing the challenge copying the steps that the Barranquilla singer does to perfection, they even began to make tutorials on how to dance the champeta that the singer does in the video of her collaboration with the Black Eyed Peas, so everyone is learning it to be able to upload her video.

It is important to mention that this was something that was going to happen and without a doubt, it did it at the best time because, during an interview, the singer and rapper Will. i.Am confessed that he met with the Latin singer in 2008 to work together, but He confessed that they did not find the perfect vibe for her, until this 2020, that is, for twelve years the theme was prepared.

In the song, ‘ Girl like me ‘, the group from Los Angeles, California, and the singer from Barranquilla, Colombia, sing to Latin women: “I want a woman like Shakira, this Latina is rich, I want a girl from a family that knows how to live and that lives the life … I like Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, and Colombians and in East LA I like Chicanas, “says part of the lyrics.