Joining the TikTok fashion challenge, the Jenner sisters shared their intimacies and showed that they are reconciled


Kendall Jenner, 25, and her younger sister,   Kylie Jenner, 23, have a new video on their respective TikTok accounts in which they joke about their preferences when it comes to men, as well as some other secret aspects of their lives.

It is a new challenge of this recognized and increasingly famous social network, the aforementioned challenge, to start is done in pairs, consists of two options appearing on each side of the screen, and each of the participants has to go towards the side with which they identify more.

Everything seems to indicate that the misunderstandings between the beautiful Jenners came to an end, as we know that for a few weeks they argued and ended up not speaking, however, thanks to this new publication, we realized that all that was left behind, and both girls decided to share with their fans something hidden from their lives.

The video began, and it is worth mentioning that the first decision was quite easy: the screen said “supermodel vs Instagram model”, and although Kylie tried to sneak into the supermodel side, Kendall was in charge of pushing her to the opposite side, where Kylie It belongs because it is not necessary to say that Kendall is a recognized international model, who has been present in countless important catwalks of recognized brands around the world.

On the other hand, the youngest of the Jenners poses for her brand and some others, but, she has not had the same success as her sister on the catwalks.

Next, it was the turn to reveal who was Mom’s favorite, and who was Dad’s, something that was also very clear from the beginning, since Kylie walked towards her father’s side and Kendall towards her mother’s, both very sure of themselves. 

However, something that confused some users was that both shook hands and went to the opposite side, which implied that both are the favorites of mom and dad. Go, content creators, that even your life tells a great story behind it.

Although, when the dilemma “hoopers” or “rappers” or basketball players or rappers arose, both sisters hid their faces as they walked each to their side of the screen. Kylie has a soft spot for rappers, and this is demonstrated by her relationship with Travis Scott and the daughter they have in common, Stormi, while Kendall, who has been romantically related to several athletes such as Jordan Clarkson, Blake Griffin, and Ben Simmons, obviously walked under the part of the basketball players.

Next, the options of “going out vs staying” appeared, referring to how they live their social life, both girls, one carrying the other, went towards the option of “staying inside” however, something that caused a lot of grace, was that Kylie “discreetly” went back to the part where she said, “go out.”

Then the “low and high maintenance” signs appeared on the screen, referring to how expensive it is to date any of them, clearly, Kylie went to the expensive option, instead, Kendall remained in the economic one. 

Finally, the options “drunk, disastrous, or funny” appeared, to which the youngest of the Jenners very surely went to the “funny” part, however, immediately her sister Kendall caught her and took her to The other option. 

If there is something that always revolutionizes social networks, it is the images of Stormi’s mother, who is in the news practically daily for different reasons, for her part, her sister, is also super popular, but maintains a lower profile, so Seeing it daily on portals is not so common, but there is no doubt that together they are unstoppable.