The beautiful British model, Demi Rose, admitted that she is expecting a prince charming wearing a white swimsuit

The beautiful British model, Demi Rose, is one of the most popular influencers on the internet thanks to her great beauty and of course her way of being since she is one of the most relaxed girls on social networks.

Today the beautiful girl confessed that the way we see her in this photograph is that she is waiting for her prince charming. Demi Rose is acting out the famous “waiting for my love like ..” meme, perhaps having a little fun with the fact that no one seems to be coming into her love life.

In the photo, we can see her sitting in one of the armchairs she has on the balcony of her apartment in Ibiza, while she was modeling a white swimsuit that highlighted her figure and her wholesale charms.

Managing to gather more than 440,000 likes from her loyal followers, who are on the lookout to support her in everything that goes up in her official account, thus helping her to grow her numbers and the fame for which she now lives most comfortably.

Perhaps Demi Rose wanted to show that if it was going to take so long, her prince charming would be very comfortable waiting for him with her life full of luxury travels and more, but it does not seem that any person is very interested in getting to make a formal relationship with her.

The last time we knew that Demi Rose had a boyfriend was when she was with Tyga, the famous American rapper with whom she had a relationship a few years ago.


Demi Rose accompanied by her supermodel friends, women who are the most beautiful, attractive and charming, so many times internet users have made theories that they are probably the ones who are in charge of making the British woman happy with their company and that for this reason, she does not have a boyfriend. Some more even think that one of them could be his girlfriend but so far they are just rumors and theories.

As we know, Demi Rose was on a very long trip enjoying the country of the Maldives, where she spent more than a month with her friends having the best possible time enjoying the most important hotels and tourist attractions in the place, recommending it widely.

In fact, Rose managed to partner with a travel agency brand in order to raffle off a round trip and even some money, all for some of her fans who took the steps she made known. The young woman wishes that her fans are also very happy and that they can enjoy a little of what she has been able to visit as that beautiful country in which she was.

Since his return to Ibiza, the island of the Spanish party has been enjoying the comfort of his home, also taking the opportunity to relax a little, meditate and use his artifacts such as an instrument that has metal, which shares his stories and that produces sounds dim and most mystical.

The young woman has shown that she is a very spiritual and interesting person who quite enjoys yoga, meditation, reading books, and many other things that she does with her kitten and puppy, who are her faithful companions for the moment.

It does not seem that Demi Rose is not looking for such a serious relationship either, some Internet users consider that it would be somewhat difficult for her to have a partner if she continues with that lifestyle she leads since they consider that it is for a single person who wants to enjoy herself.