British model Demi Rose appeared in a new publication showing off her beautiful charms at sunset, it became a blazing afternoon for her fans

For the millions of fans that Demi Rose has, it is already normal to be fascinated by her charms, which she has no shame in showing while wearing tiny swimsuits, this time she delighted her fans in a fiery sunset that surely left more of one wanting to see more.

The young celebrity of social networks of only 25 years old in a short time achieved fame thanks to her loud curves that captivate, fall in love and drive more than one crazy, with so many posts on Instagram the euphoria of her fans is noted in each of the posts that Demi Rose makes.

At the beginning of her career surprisingly she began to be known as ” Selena Gomez’s double “, a renowned American singer, however with the passage of time, which was actually quite short, the British model began to have greater popularity by herself, without comparing herself to now on with no other celebrity.

Although there are those who have compared other models with her, especially with the Russian model Anastasia Kvikto who, in addition to also having big curves like the British one, has a certain resemblance to the face of the beautiful Demi Rose, although perhaps at the time of seeing them together the difference between the two is more marked.

Much has been questioned about the British woman’s physique due to the supposed surgeries she has undergone to have the figure of today, although she herself affirms that everything in her figure is natural and that it is the result of her diet, the gymnasium, and above all the magnificent genetics that his parents inherited.

It should be remembered that Demi Rose has not only British but also Colombian ancestry that would explain many things, as you well know, women born in Colombia are among the most beautiful around the world and some are also recognized for their curves like Demi Rose.

In his most recent photograph, he shared a complete black swimsuit, although he usually uploads two-piece swimsuits on Instagram this time he decided on a complete one, although despite being it, it was actually quite revealing.

The piece she is wearing has thick crossed straps, in the front, it has a neckline on the belly that rises above her ribs so that her charms are exposed from below.


It could be said that Demi Rose is even a work of art so her followers would completely agree, in addition to that at every opportunity they let the model know through their comments.

So stunning “,” Look at me “,” Super cute “,” WARNING !!!!!! Do not view my story !! “, some comments that the model received.

The photograph she shared about the fiery sunset that Demi Rose starred in was taken in the Maldive islands where she spent a well-deserved delicious vacation, as part of her return to her constant travels before the pandemic.

Before each publication we are faced with millions of like’s and thousands of comments in each one of them, this surely Demi Rose likes because other celebrities of social networks tend to block comments so that nobody writes in their publications, this It does not apply to Demi Rose who apparently is delighted to read each and every one of them, or at least that is what her fans expect.

We hope that she will continue to share more content soon, although in recent weeks she has been quite active for the good of her fans.