Joselyn Cano has captivated millions with her curves, this time it was no exception because the suggestive pose in which she appeared made more than one admirer fall in love

Known as “the Mexican Kim Kardashian”, the American model with Mexican roots Joselyn Cano is becoming more popular every day, due to her photographs and videos where she constantly appears scantily clad.

This happened again three days ago when he decided to share an image in which he appears wearing two garments that appear to be “sporty” because of the wide ribbon, however, both are lost between their charms and the suggestive pose in which the beautiful is found social media celebrity.

Joselyn Cano has become quite active in her social networks, of course, this is because she is promoting her OnlyFans, who on some occasions has been referred to a certain resemblance in her face with the actress and singer Miley Cyrus is due to her features You would be surprised to see a photograph of both of them and their faces together, evidently Miley’s figure is much thinner than Cano’s so no comparison can be made about that.

Do you prefer thick or thin? “He asked in his post.

He was probably referring to the width of his underwear, which despite being quite small, showed a certain width, this was black with wide ribbons at the waist and part of the ribs as well as the cups, apparently, they had letters written in Roman.


Chula My Mamacita, I love you. I love you, “wrote an intern.

The 29-year-old model tends to show off her curves without any pending on Instagram, although there are some publications in which she apparently shows too much, it has been saved from the censorship of the app, because it does not allow certain types of publications that may affect others when viewing them, in addition to the fact that children are also among Instagram users, so there is a tendency to take care of what appears in it.

There have been several celebrities or people to whom the application has censored (removed) content from their accounts, one of the most famous cases was that of Paco de León, an actor of Spanish origin, who shared a photograph a long time ago without any garment.

Despite this, the actor was being quite careful with what went up because his member was not noticeable, however, the application eliminated said image so the interpreter of María José in the series La casa de las Flores decided that it would be a “revolutionary” against Instagram because there were other photos or videos that showed “more than him” and were still active.

So far Joselyn Cano has not had (apparently) problems with any of his publications, thanks to this his followers continue to enjoy what he shares, Josey does not miss any opportunity to promote OnlyFans, on this page, unlike Instagram, he does not have any censorship so any content can be shared.

In order to have access to it, it is necessary to be subscribed and pay a monthly fee, thanks to this the model and other personalities in the industry have taken the opportunity to have an extra input of money.

Despite the fact that Joselyn Cano has other accounts on various social networks, she has become more active on Instagram where she has more than 12 million 800 thousand followers who are constantly aware of everything she publishes.

In addition to being a model and Internet personality, Joselyn Cano is also a businesswoman, she launched a line of two-piece swimsuits that have fallen in love with more than one young woman, she has shown them herself on several occasions and has shared the beautiful images with the that surely more than one admirer ended up dreaming about her.