All copies of the new collection “Kylie X The Grinch” were finished in less than two days, the model celebrates it dressed as the Grinch in her own way, and makes everyone fall in love. 

It did not take 72 hours for each and every one of the products in the new Kylie Jenner collection to be finished in the stock of the online store, the success was such that the businesswoman had nothing more to thank for all the support of her millions of followers on Instagram, with a fabulously dressed photograph of the endearing character.

“We are SOLD OUT of the entire Grinch collection”, began the text of the successful magnate of the makeup industry, the total emotion was felt when reading the message of thanks that Kylie wrote. 

He continued the writing with the following: “I love you guys, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for always supporting this is my fifth Christmas collection “, which is why he decided to place one of the unpublished photos of his promotional photography session for his famous Christmas collection. 

On the other hand, Kylie also publicly apologized for those people who did not manage to acquire some part of the collection, or all of it, because as we know, they could be sold by pieces or you could make all the items, buying it completely, although that now it is no longer a possibility, unfortunately for the users and fortunately for the model.

In the photograph, the socialite posed doing what she has shown us that she likes to do the most: characterize herself as an iconic character, very much in her style, so this “The Grinch” costume turned out to be very flirtatious and great entertainment for fans of the socialite.

The outfit consisted of 6 emblematic textile pieces, which ranged from the hat to the pair of sneakers, of course, not counting the beautiful makeup that Kylie used, alluding to the character and of course, launching her new shadow and lipstick palettes. 

First, we have to clarify that, obviously, all the elements of his Christmas outfit are of a perfect green color, Grinch tone … likewise, the hat, wore the crown with stuffed fabric, just like the skin of the endearing character, too, the pompom of the hat was made of this green plush fabric.

the character even more, on the other hand, Kylie wore a simple tube-cut dress, short and clear, plush, resembling the Grinch’s body. 

To complement the Grinchezco outfit, the model used a pair of elegant short gloves, with plush on the wristbands, a pair of medium-type socks, similarly green, and beautiful stilleto-type sneakers with transparency on the front, accessories that, without They certainly gave the Kylie touch to the Grinch outfit.

Squatting in front of a huge box, printed with the cover of the real box from the exclusive collection, Kylie decided to give us that look of strength and at the same time s3nsu @ l, which she uses very often, which caused her mas ardent admirers went mad with love. 

The “Kylie X The Grinch” collection is made up of numerous products that everyone who was able to buy loved, such as lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, pencils, and many others, which became a sales success, as usual. in the launches of the socialite brand, Kylie Cosmetics. Bravo!


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