The beautiful former actress of adult films, Mía Khalifa, participated in a photoshoot for a shoe brand and this was the result of her makeup, she became very pretty

We are usually used to seeing the famous former adult film actress, Mia Khalifa without makeup, something that is something very distinctive about her even from her videos for which she became so famous.

However, this time it seems that she was hired by a shoe company to pose for her brand, so she decided to put on makeup and look pretty to also wear a daring set of white lingerie, with which she left her attributes quite exposed and to her fans more than happy.

This is a photograph posted on Twitter, in which we can see that Mia Khalifa painted her lips red and her eyelids with shadows to match the red shoes they were promoting while her cute white outfit highlighted her charms wholesale higher.

As we know, the actress has an incredible figure full of curves and above all a security that characterizes her, so her gaze also managed to conquer some who realized this.

Not everything is showing but she knows that personality and charisma are very important when generating an attraction to the public, something that she has put into practice since she retired from that entertainment medium, in which she never wants to participate anymore. more.


As we know, she is retired from the industry and does not plan to return, in fact, a few weeks ago we could see her in some interviews where she talked about her experience, telling us that it was something very negative and that she would like to forget it, although internet users do not leave her looking to remind her in every post he makes.

It is also important to say that despite not wanting to be related to that type of content, Mía Khalifa has not stopped behaving with a somewhat elevated tone wearing very provocative clothes and of course showing a lot of skin, being one of the reasons why the Netizens consider what you can keep telling them about their past.

Mia Khalifa was taking advantage of all this controversy and fame to monetize it by opening her exclusive content page, where she promises us personalized photos and videos even much better than those we can see on her Instagram.

On that page, her fans also have the opportunity to send her messages and she has even revealed some of the ones she has received, I feel a little rude with which she also answers them in the same way.

There is a love-hate relationship between the internet and the famous actress and model, who has now also dedicated herself to being a commentator and even a chef, is putting into practice her other skills, which we knew each other but which seem to be her great hobby.

These stories share a little more about his personal life as well as some promotions for the brands that represent us, for example, days ago he told us that he was working for a brand of apos3stas, so he recommended that we visit that page and give him a little more of excitement to sports matches that take place in the United States.


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