For Kim Kardashian, it is easy to quickly become a trend especially when it is done in a striking way such as promoting her new scents while she is “natural”

Throughout thirteen years, Kim Kardashian and her sisters have been the object of a trend and synonymous with success and wealth, especially when they launch a new product that surely immediately becomes famous and is sold in a short time, recently through Instagram boasted the launch of new aromas, this while wearing a curious bodysuit and a “natural suit”.

“Keeping up with the Kardashians” opened the doors to stardom for the Kardashian Jenner sisters and also for the matriarch who has taken every opportunity to enter the market and in any genre or derivation of it, as you well know who until recently had Kim got the most out of it, however, her younger sister Kylie Jenner managed to surpass her both as a businesswoman as well as as a celebrity because she has more followers than Kanye West’s wife on Instagram than she does.

However, the simple name of Kim Kardashian has great weight in the industry and entertainment, each of the products launched on the market becomes extremely popular, not for nothing is also called the queen of contouring.

Kim Kardashian,  who has also been studying law, has become a true defender of Human Rights, taking advantage of this she decided to launch a documentary where she helped other people and we had the opportunity to learn a little more about the United States justice system This is why Kim became an even more beloved celebrity by her followers.

The beautiful model, businesswoman, Internet personality, and socialite always find a flirty and ingenious way to promote her products, two days ago she launched a publication with three photographs with which she surely left her fans wanting to see more.

In the first image she appears wearing a tiny body that seems to be made of lead-colored latex, in the second image she appears without any garment, although her back is quite suggestive, something that draws the attention of this image is the braid They made it, it is extremely wide and long, it has some details inlaid with precious stones that are sure to refer to the crystals in your collection.

The third image shows the eight models of its new fragrances that will surely immediately begin to be requested by its admirers, this because it is about to reach two million like’s.

You asked, we listened – I am very excited to announce that in addition to the 3 new Crystal scents, we will be restocking our FULL @KKWFRAGRANCE Crystal Collection in 30ML! Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Citrus, Crystal Oud, Crystal Violet Musk and Crystal Pear & Peony, “wrote Kim Kardashian in her post.

Upon seeing his publication, he immediately began to have more than five thousand comments, of which most were his followers excited about this new release.

There are a little more than 192 million followers that Kim Kardashian has to this day on her official Instagram account, this figure is constantly growing, even so, she cannot overcome her sister, Kylie Jenner, despite this is a considerable amount and impressive.

Although it seems that everything Kim Kardashian has achieved has been extremely simple due to her success and popularity thanks to the reality shows in which she has participated, although she has had great support and ease it has also been largely her hard effort and dedication Perhaps you have decided to create several companies and products in the past and were unsuccessful, although today it seems that everything you touch turns to gold.


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